Marco Pennette
Executive Producer/Creator, B POSITIVE

September 2020

B POSITIVE, which Marco Pennette created and is executive producing with Chuck Lorre, is based on his own experience when, in 2013, he was told he was in renal failure and needed a kidney transplant. A childhood friend appeared out of his past and, to his surprise, offered a kidney. Ten months later, the two went into surgery and the transplant was a success, bonding them forever. “I remember thinking at the time, as terrified as I was, that if I actually survive this, this could be a great series,” he said. Now completely healthy, Pennette lives in Los Angeles with his husband and three daughters.

While still a student at NYU, Marco Pennette became a finalist in the Young Playwrights Festival, he interned for famed Broadway director Harold Prince and sold his first script for the sitcom “Kate & Allie.” After moving to the West Coast, he was hired at age 21 on staff of the Judd Hirsch series “Dear John.” A few years later, Pennette co-created the sitcom “Caroline in the City.” Later, he was executive producer and showrunner on the Golden Globe Award-winning and Emmy Award-nominated series “Ugly Betty” and Golden Globe Award-winning “Desperate Housewives.” Most recently, Pennette was a writer for seven seasons on MOM, on the Network.

Pennette was a contributing writer on the off-Broadway play “Motherhood: Outloud” and rewrote the book for the 2015 Broadway revival of “On the 20th Century” starring Kristin Chenoweth. Next, he wrote material for Chenoweth’s acclaimed solo Broadway show, “My Love Letter to Broadway.” Currently, he is adapting the feature film “Death Becomes Her” into a stage musical for Chenoweth.