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Tails of Valor” Joins the Three-Hour Saturday Morning Block Jan. 5, 2019

CBS DREAM TEAM… IT’S EPIC! is adding the new series TAILS OF VALOR to its three-hour Saturday morning block beginning Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019. The lineup airs 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

The CBS DREAM TEAM Saturday morning line up is a diverse, family-friendly schedule featuring compelling shows and stories of hope and compassion designed to enlighten, teach and inspire viewers to make a greater commitment to themselves, their families and their communities. The block is FCC educational/informational compliant, targeted to 13- to 16-year-olds and appealing to all viewers.

TAILS OF VALOR, hosted by Kel Mitchell, is a live-action half-hour program that features true stories of service animals working to change people’s lives. The program also examines the life science behind these relationships, including the animals’ unique and powerful senses that enable them to protect their human charges. TAILS OF VALOR will focus on the training and day-to-day jobs of these incredible animals and the quality of life they provide the people they serve, leaving viewers with a greater understanding and compassion for animals. Viewers will learn to see the world from different perspectives, and how those with disabilities experience everyday life and the challenges they face. This program is specifically designed to further the educational and informational needs of children, has educating and informing children as a significant purpose, and otherwise meets the definition of Core Programming as specified in the Commission’s rules.

The following is the CBS DREAM TEAM… IT’S EPIC! Saturday morning lineup as of Jan. 5, 2019. The schedule’s day and time may differ market to market. Check local listings.

9:00-9:30 AM, ET


9:30-10:00 AM, ET


10:00-10:30 AM, ET


10:30-11:00 AM, ET


11:00-11:30 AM, ET


11:30-12:00 PM, ET


Please note: In some markets, CBS News’ CBS THIS MORNING: SATURDAY will be broadcast 7:00-9:00 AM, ET/PT.

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