Hala Finley

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Birthday: May 18

June 2018

Hala Finley was in a competitive dance troupe and was playing sports when she discovered her passion for acting by watching her older brother prepare for his auditions.

When Finley was 4 years old, she landed her first role, playing twins in the short film “Counter Parts.” Her additional film credits include “Letters from a Father” and the lead role in “Grammy.” The independent feature “Back Roads,” in which she stars alongside Juliette Lewis, directed by Alex Pettyfer, recently debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Finley has appeared in several national print ads and filmed commercials for Lexus, Walmart and McDonalds.

Besides her passion for acting, Finley enjoys art, ballet, horseback riding, reading, and playing the ukulele. Also, she is an owl enthusiast. Finley was born in Kansas City, Mo., and lives in Los Angeles. Her birthday is May 18.