Chelsea Field
Rita Devereaux on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS

January 2021

Chelsea Field is constantly demonstrating her versatility as an actor, dancer, teacher, wife and mother.

Born and raised in Glendale, Calif., Field recalls spending more of her childhood at her family’s barn than at home. She took up riding horses at a young age because her father was a horse trainer. A natural athlete, her youth was filled with ice skating, trick riding, gymnastics and track. It was jazz classes at the age of 17, however, that inspired her to dance professionally.

“I was a gypsy for 10 years,” she recalls of the decade in which she danced in television commercials and live stage shows. It was her two-year stint as a “Solid Gold” dancer, however, that impresses fans of the current retro craze. “People remember me as the girl with the long legs and the long hair.” Although Field says she enjoyed dancing on the show, life of the “super-high heels and next-to-nothing outfits” became tiresome after a few years. Some nights, she says, “They were literally sewing me into the costume as the music started.”

Using her success dancing in commercials as a stepping stone, Field soon earned acting work as well. Her first big break was a role in the fantastical film “Masters of the Universe,” in which she played He-Man’s sidekick, Teela.

Her role as Bruce Willis’ neglected wife in “The Last Boy Scout” marked a big turn in her career. Working with producer Joel Silver and director Tony Scott was a “wonderful experience” and led to her working steadily in high profile studio features, with such renowned directors as Renny Harlin, Blake Edwards, James L. Brooks and Simon Wincer. Having enjoyed playing “the wife/girlfriend to all the ‘bad boys’ for a while,” Field reveled in the sexy, quiet role of ‘Virginia Slim’ opposite Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke in “Harley Davidson and the Malboro Man.”

The James L. Brooks comedy “I’ll Do Anything,” initially filmed as a musical, was the perfect opportunity for Field to combine her singing and dancing experience with her acting career. Unfortunately, in an ironic turn, this comedic commentary on the film industry didn’t test well with audiences as a musical and every song ended up on the cutting room floor. In the released version, Field laughs, “If you blinked, you missed me.”

Field’s television work includes the James A. Michener’s “Texas” miniseries, the award-winning HBO telefilm “Indictment: The McMartin Trial,” Showtime’s “The Birds II: Land’s End” and the CBS movie-of-the-week “The Bachelor’s Baby,” in which she starred opposite Scott Bakula. She also starred on the short-lived CBS series “Angel Falls,” and guest-starred in CBS’ hit drama “Cold Case” and ABC’s “Secrets and Lies.”

She appeared in the Paramount family film “Andre,” starring opposite a smart, sensitive seal, as well as Universal Pictures’ “Flipper,” with Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood, in which she played a marine biologist. Field can also be seen in the short film “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” starring opposite Ed Asner.

Currently, Field lives in New Orleans and the Hollywood Hills with her family and enjoys rigorous dance classes and horseback riding whenever possible. She can be followed on Twitter and Instagram @RealChelseaField.