Maya Lynne Robinson
Michelle on THE UNICORN

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

July 2019

Maya Lynne Robinson has appeared in a variety of plays, television series and films. Additionally, she has produced, written and starred in the web-series “HTMAST,” the solo show “Three Mirrors” and the television series “Gurl.”

Robinson’s television credits include “The Connors,” “Monogamy,” “Nightwing: Escalation,” and guest-starring roles on MOM, on the Network, “Dead Women Walking,” “Mondays” and “Heaven Is Now.”

Her film credits include the short “Soul Stealer.”

Robinson’s theater credits include “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Metamorphoses.”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Robinson currently lives in Los Angeles. Her hobbies include camping, thrifting, cooking and swimming. Follow her on Twitter @missmayalynne and on Instagram @missmayalynne.