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AIR DATE: Thursday, April 29th



Jessica on The Inspiration for Her Clothing Line & Dating Under The Radar

Drew: I thank you on behalf of all of the people who have been brand builders since you launched yours because you made it viable for us all to do so because yours was such a success, you really are the original.

Jessica: We would look to watching people at the airport or walking down the street, we love street style. I was dating a guy at the time, and I would look at everybody and how they dressed their very best to be at his concert and like what was their outfit and that really was kind of my mold. I looked at everybody and what they dressed as their best and that type of stuff was the inspiration behind everything, that was like the beginning.

Drew: I’m like hmmm, I wonder what concert that was?

Jessica: Well I have dated a couple of musicians, some under the radar that people don’t know about, we’ve got to keep some secrets.

Drew: I’m so curious.

Jessica: Well that is definitely not being told.

Drew: I will say it’s also so much fun when you can get away with it. I don’t know if you’ve had this experience also there is something really embarrassing about when you go on like one date with a guy and then all of a sudden you are inextricably linked and everybody thinks that you’ve had this whole thing and you are just like, ‘I don’t even know them, I thought about it but now I’m like ahhh linked to you.’

Jessica: I always felt like, yes I had my list and checked my list off as if I was a dude or something. I felt like anytime it started to get a little bit serious I was the person to run from because every guy would be listening to their publicist who would be like, ‘Stay away, stay away you’ll never be a respected actor, you’ll never be a respected musician if you are dating her,’ but that was back then, that was the excuses I heard.


Jessica on Marriage, Divorce & “Newlyweds”

Drew: When I got divorced it was such a tragedy for me personally that I really flailed as a human being.

Jessica: Failure in general, I feel like as creative people and artists were such perfectionists and even growing up in the church and as a preacher's daughter I had a standard of what marriage was supposed to be and oh wow it really wasn’t that within the first week. It was like woah, okay so it’s not like that fairytale, but I got married really young.

Drew: I remember, and I mean did the religious services also give a blueprint for how you would live with inviting the world in and again, let’s just talk about you again as a paving the way leader, you did a television show before there was such a thing, there was not even almost reality TV, it was a new genre.

Jessica: There was ‘The Osbournes’ and then ‘The Real World’ and Nick and I, yeah so for our marriage it was definitely stressful. We did have fun I mean up until the end of the last season did it get to be just overwhelming because we were at a place where our communication was no longer communication anymore, it was very one sided on each side.


Jessica on Her Pregnancy with Birdie

Drew: I was reading the story of your scale and when Eric threw your scale away when you were weighing yourself with Birdie right?

Jessica: Well, yeah I was much heavier than my husband who played in the NFL, so that pregnancy really did me in. I’m almost 5’4”, 260 was real heavy for me.

Drew: I love that you took that scale and were like throw it out I don’t want to look at it anymore.

Jessica: When I would go into the doctor’s office I would just stand on it backwards and say, ‘Don’t tell me.’ I mean even though I had to work really hard to get the weight off, like I did it and I committed. If you are disciplined it can come off, you can still eat a dang cookie. You know what I mean, like I hate diets.


Jessica on Hair Color & Giving Up Alcohol

Drew: I noticed at a certain point in your life, I think you were dating a certain someone, but you dyed your hair brown and the reason I bring it up is because when I wanted to be taken seriously as an actor, I would dye my hair brown. Did you ever feel that way?

Jessica: Yeah, I think I wanted to feel more mature. I wanted to take on a different sense of self, I wanted to look at myself a little bit more studious, I’m not doing that recently. So when I gave up alcohol the funniest part, we are all getting our hair colored and I wanted it to be bleach bleach blonde, and I was like, ‘I want to look like Andy Warhol,’ and then I gave up alcohol. Why would I want to look like Andy Warhol? I don’t think that’s a normal thing. I don’t think that’s really who I am. That wasn’t my rock bottom but that definitely like was a part of the day I wish I honestly had on video because it was one of those moments where it was like, ‘Wow that moment of surrender was beautiful.’



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