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Hugh & Drew on How They First Met

Drew: Oh Hubert, let’s start on how we first met. Do you remember? We actually didn’t meet in person, I reached out to you.

Hugh: Oh my God you did, you were so nice. It was during the dark days of my Divine Brown scandal, I was just an idiot. I was a grown-up idiot who got caught by the police. I was back in England with 5,000 members of the press around the borders of my farm and I opened a letter from you that was very supportive and nice, and it was very cheering up and I thought, ‘I love Drew Barrymore.’ Words of support from an actress I didn’t know in Hollywood was lovely so you will always have a place in my heart. 

Drew: I loved you so much, that whole incident I related in my own life, and I think that whether it’s an actor or politician or anything in between we expect people to be infallible, perfect, never flawed and God forbid we do anything in our personal lives that we would like to remain personal but we don’t have that privilege at a certain point because the cat gets let out of the bag and I just had to reach out to you. I just appreciated you and you were just the most charming human. 


Drew & Hugh on Their Surprise Kiss Years Ago

Drew: One of the moments that I had the most moxie, and I don’t think we’ve ever talked about this, I walked into I think it was like The Waverly Inn, this was years ago, and I had a few drinks. And I walked in and I ran into you and instead of saying hello I grabbed you by the collar and I fully started kissing you. 

Hugh: Yes, I remember that. 

Drew: Can I do you of what I saw, you went…the expression was you’ve never greeted me that way before, and then you had a second thought and you were like, ‘You know I’m not hating this.’ And then we flirted and then it was like, ’Okay, bye. See you soon.’ 

Hugh: It was really bizarre. I was very drunk as well and I was with some very nice but not drunk studio executives from LA, and they were very surprised. Someone said, ‘Oh there is Drew Barrymore,’ I get up to say hi and then we make out for 10 minutes and then I sit down, and we go on talking about the script.


Hugh on Raising 5 Kids

Drew: Well I guess we’ve grown up a bit. Do you think growing up is overrated Hubert? 

Hugh: Yeah, I hate responsibility. I don’t want this. I am looking after five children and an elderly father and I don’t like it. I keep looking around for someone more grown up to come and do it for me. 

Drew: And yet, the last time we talked the way that you talk about the way you look at life now having five children’s eyes to look through, look after and look into. You seem...

Hugh: I’m simultaneously utterly exhausted and miserable and clearly the happiest I’ve ever been. I see that now. It’s so nice, all those cliché’s are true, all that love is just so nice. Not just the children but the wife as well. I have a top wife, you must meet her she’s terrifying…Much more manly than me but really cool and I’m happy. 


Hugh Grant Plays Behind the Scenes Dishing on “Notting Hill,” “About A Boy,” “Bridget Jones Diary” and More!

Drew: Okay, I want juice, dirt, fly on the wall, anything that comes to mind when I mention these movies…Let’s start with ‘Notting Hill.’

Hugh: …Remember the scene with the brownies, we are all sitting around having dinner and it’s about whose going to eat the last brownie. Hugh Bonneville, who Americans think is a classy actor, he got up during that scene deliberately putting brownies on my chair so I would sit on them in my white trousers. They could all laugh at my bum between takes. 

Drew: Okay, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’?

Hugh: Well yeah panic. I remember the Director, because we had no money we made that film for a miniscule amount of money in 36 days, and he just lost it all the time. He would throw his cup of tea against the wall and say, ‘I can’t ****** do it. I can’t make this film.’ And we’d say, ‘But you have to. You’ve got to shoot a whole other scene here it’s two pages.’ And he’d say, ‘But there is five minutes left in the day.’ And he’d say, ‘Stand against that wall.’ And we would just stand there in a line and we would just read the line, we had one camera on us. And there is a scene in the film like that. It took seven minutes to shoot.

Drew: Okay ‘About a Boy.’

Hugh: He’s a big star now.

Drew: Nicholas Holt and he’s hot.

Hugh: Yes, yes and we chose him because he was such a sort of nerd and geek.

Drew: Bridget Jones Diary?

Hugh: Well there you have Renee who was a genius at being British Bridget, but I do remember she went through some interesting phases on the way to getting that British accent. During rehearsals she came in for the first read through and she sounded liked Princess Margaret, very, very posh and grand. And the next time she came in someone told her obviously bring it down a bit but then she sounded like she had a stroke. And then she absolutely nailed it. It’s an absolute triumph….She never reverted until the wrap party and that was the first time I ever heard her speak with her Texan accent and I quite honestly found it unconvincing. 

Drew: Okay, “Mickey Blue Eyes."

Hugh: Well I can tell you my then girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, produced the film and we had a lot of lets call them specialists or advisors on the set who knew all about the NY Mob, let’s just say that. And she was brilliant with them. If we needed anything done, she would flirt with these guys and she’d go and sit on one of their knees and compare their manicures…and they would do anything for us. If we had a problem with planes flying overhead ruining the soundtrack one of them would get on the phone and suddenly JFK had redirected all of the planes. 

Drew: I’ll never forget you and her stepping out and she was in that Versace safety pin dress. There are like iconic moments in fashion and that will always be one.

Hugh: Well yeah it ended up that way but it was pure fluke. We were unsuccessful actors, well we weren’t that unsuccessful, but we weren’t known in any way. Suddenly this big premiere comes along for this film, and she has nothing to wear, and I said, ‘I think you can borrow stuff. I think that’s what people do. The big designers will send you something.’ So we rang around, we didn’t have an assistant or publicist or anything like that, they all said, ‘No, who are you?’ and Versace said, ‘Yes, we got something but only one thing.’ And they sent it round and this was the one dress that arrived, and she put it on, and I remember being slightly startled by it. Hot. And the rest is history. 


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