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For the latest episode of the CBS News podcast THE TAKEOUT, chief Washington correspondent and podcast host Major Garrett spoke with CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman about the federal search warrant executed this week against Rudy Giuliani and Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the killing of George Floyd.

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Highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Klieman says the search warrant reveals investigators “obviously have a focus” in the ongoing investigation into Giuliani’s conduct in Ukraine: “You cannot simply go out and get a search warrant for an attorney unless you have a real basis to look at probable cause to give to investigators and eventually perhaps to a grand jury. This would be something that would be going all the way up through the Department of Justice.”

  • Klieman does not believe the investigation into Giuliani is political: “You don’t change administrations, get a new attorney general and decide to execute an old search warrant. You obviously have to have a current search warrant with current probable cause to search.”

  • On the country being at a crossroads with police reform acts: “I think there can be no dispute that that killing for nine minutes and 29 seconds galvanized a movement across the country of peaceful protest.”

  • On trust in police at this current moment: “I have conversations with police people all the time, both at the patrolmen level as well as at the commissioner level, past and present, who will talk about the fact that what they want is to have trust going both ways. These are cultural changes and we can’t look at this as a moment of crisis only for people of color. This is a moment of crisis where the actions have also got to be a part of the police community.”

CHEAT TWEET: “You cannot simply go out and get a search warrant for an attorney unless you have a real basis to look at probable cause to give to investigators,” @rikkijklieman told @MajorCBS about the investigation into Rudy Giuliani. Listen to the full conversation.

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