JIM RIKHOFF (Videotape Producer)

Jim Rikhoff serves as videotape producer for CBS Sports’ golf coverage including the Masters and the PGA Championship. He also serves as lead producer for THE NFL ON CBS and most recently for the Network’s coverage of Super Bowl LIII. Rikhoff previously served as replay director for the Network’s coverage of Super Bowl XLI, XLIV, XLVII and Super Bowl 50. A nine-time Emmy Award-winner, Rikhoff joined CBS Sports in 1985 as a researcher and was promoted to broadcast associate in 1986 and then associate director in 1990. In 1991, Rikhoff assumed a full-time role as associate producer/director for CBS’s golf coverage. He covered the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship since 1987. Rikhoff’s credits include associate director of THE NFL TODAY (1990-93), the Daytona 500, Major League Baseball and the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. He also served as an associate producer (1992, 1994) and producer (1998) for the Network’s coverage of the Olympic Winter Games. Born November 1, 1961, in Princeton, N.J., Rikhoff graduated from Washington & Lee University in 1985. He lives in Washington, Conn., with his son, Kellen, and daughter, Avery.

CHRIS SVENDSEN (Videotape Producer)

Chris Svendsen joined CBS Sports in 1986 and has worked on golf since 1993. From 1999 to 2006 he directed the critically-acclaimed “LATE NIGHT” highlight shows.  Svendsen produced the opening tease for the Masters from 1997 to 2010, and since 2006 has teamed up with Jim Nantz to produce the Emmy-nominated JIM NANTZ REMEMBERS AUGUSTA series.  In addition to directing golf, THE NFL ON CBS, NCAA Basketball, and U.S. Open Tennis Championships, his list of credits as chief researcher, associate director and director include THE NFL TODAY, Daytona 500, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Final Four and Championship games, Major League Baseball, college football and the Olympic Winter Games (1992, 1994 and 1998). At the 1998 Olympic Winter Games he was a segment producer for the primetime show. He served as coordinating features producer for the Network’s coverage of Super Bowl XXXV, Super Bowl XXXVIII and Super Bowl XLIV. Svendsen has produced CBS Sports’ horse racing coverage since 1999, including the 2006 Hambletonian, which was named the winner of the International Media Award as the world’s best harness racing television program.  A four-time Emmy Award-winner, Svendsen lives in Ridgefield, Conn., with his wife, Donna, and two children.

ANDY FREEDMAN (Videotape Producer)

Andy Freedman serves as a director, producer and videotape producer for CBS Sports’ golf coverage including the Masters and PGA Championship. He also serves as a director for THE NFL ON CBS. He has worked various roles on 6 Super Bowls, 18 Masters, 18 PGA Championships and 3 US Open Tennis Championships. A five-time Emmy Award-winner, Freedman joined CBS Sports as production support in 1999 and was promoted to Broadcast Associate in 2002, then Associate Director in 2007 and Director in 2015. He covered the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship since 2002. Born May 4, 1979 in Boston, MA, Freedman graduated from the University of Florida in 2001. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife Ashley, daughter Logan, sons Hunter and Grayson and Lexi the Black Lab.

BOB MATINA (Director)

Bob Matina, an eight-time Emmy Award-winner, has covered the Masters as associate director, late night director and director since 1987. He also has directed the PGA Championship since 1991. Matina serves as the director of THE NFL TODAY. He joined CBS Sports in 1981 and directed THE NFL ON CBS from 1985-93. Matina served as director of THE SUPER BOWL TODAY studio show for Super Bowl XXXV, XXXVIII, XLI, XLIV, XLVII, 50 and LIII. He served as coordinating director of CBS Sports’ coverage of the 1992, 1994 and 1998 Olympic Winter Games, and also directed the Network’s primetime coverage in 1994 and 1998, and weekend daytime broadcasts in 1992. Matina was responsible for the placement of cameras and equipment at the Olympic venues, as well as coordinating many aspects of the Network’s production, including the studio sets and the development of new production equipment. He also served as CBS Sports’ liaison with ORTO, the host broadcaster of the Games, which provided the world feed. Matina’s other directing assignments have included THE ROAD TO THE FINAL FOUR, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, golf and college basketball broadcasts, as well as several winter sports competitions – figure skating, alpine skiing, ski jumping and speed skating. He was the producer of the Emmy Award-winning Lillehammer: An Olympic Diary in 1995. A 1978 journalism graduate of Syracuse University, Matina began his broadcast career the following year at WCNY‑TV Syracuse as a cameraman. He was born in Benton Harbor, Mich., and lives in Wyckoff, N.J., with his wife, Susan. They have two children.


David Winner has been part of CBS Sports' golf production team since 1984. He served as producer for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships (1981-2014), as well as the Network's college basketball regular-season and NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship studio shows. As the Network's lead producer for figure skating, Winner's credits include the 1994 and 1998 Olympic Winter Games, as well as several additional skating specials. He also produced the primetime broadcasts and Opening Ceremony at the 1992 Olympic Winter Games. As senior producer, CBS Sports (1989-91), Winner was responsible for the overall editorial content of the Network’s wrap-around programs. He joined CBS in 1980 and has won three Emmy Awards as a producer of NFL broadcasts, one for his role in the 1990 NCAA Tournament and one for his role in the 2004 Masters. Winner has served as coordinating producer of CBS SPORTS SATURDAY/SUNDAY and coordinating producer of the 1987 Pan American Games. His broadcast career began in 1974 at KNXT (now KCBS-TV), the CBS Owned television station in Los Angeles, where he was a production assistant and, two years later, a sports producer. Winner is a 1972 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. He was born February 21, 1949 in Gary, Ind. He lives in New York City.


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