2013-14 NFL ON CBS Season Ratings Highlights


Regular-Season Highlights


2013 Regular Season


  •  Last season’s regular-season games on CBS averaged a HH rating/share of 11.1/22, up +4% compared to a 10.7/21 in 2012. Last year tied with 2010 (11.1/23) as CBS’s highest average rating for regular-season games since the NFL returned to the network in 1998.


  •  Last season tied with 2010 on CBS, and 1995 on NBC, as the highest-rated regular-season average rating for the AFC television package in 19 years (12.5/29; 1994; NBC).


  •  CBS’s regular-season NFL games in 2013 averaged 18.7 million viewers, a +6% gain from 17.7 million in 2012.  Last season’s 18.7 million viewer average was the second-highest regular-season viewer average for CBS since the 1998 season and second-highest for the AFC television package since 1987 (as far back as CBS records go). 


  •  CBS had the two highest-rated NFL regular season telecasts of the 2013 regular-season - a 16.7/31 for the CBS National Game  on 10/06/13 (Denver @ Dallas) and a 16.7/29 for the CBS National Game on 12/01/13 (Denver @ Kansas City).


  •  CBS had two of Top 3 and three of Top 5 most-watched NFL telecasts of the 2013 regular- season with the Oakland @ Dallas Thanksgiving Day game (No. 1; 31.7 million; 11/28/13); Denver @ Dallas (No. 3; 28.4 million; 10/6/13); and Denver @ Kansas City  (No. 5; 28.1 million; 12/01/13).  


  CBS’s National Games @ 4:25 PM, ET averaged a HH rating of 14.8 in 2013, up +6% vs. 13.9 in 2012.  Last season’s 14.8 rating was the highest season average rating for the National Game window on CBS since the NFL returned the network in 1998.


2013-14 Post-Season



  •  CBS’s post-season games in the 2013-14 season averaged a 21.9/39, up +3% vs. 2012-13 (21.3/37). Last season’s 21.9/39 was the third-highest average rating for the AFC Playoffs on CBS in the 16 years the AFC package has been on CBS.


  •  This year’s AFC Championship game between Denver and New England averaged 51.3 million viewers, +8% higher than  Baltimore-New England in 2013 (47.7 million).  Last season’s 51.3 million was the second most-watched AFC Championship game on CBS since the 1998-99 season, behind only 54.9 million for the New York Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers game in 2011.


  •  Overall 2014’s Denver-New England game was the second most-watched AFC Championship Game in 32 years (since 51.6 million for San Diego-Cincinnati on 1/10/82).  


  •  Last season’s AFC Championship’s game rating (28.1/51) was +10% higher than 2013’s 25.5/39.  Last season’s 28.1/51 was the second highest-rated AFC Championship game on CBS since the 1998- 99 season, trailing only the 28.3/43 for the Jets-Steelers game in 2011.



THE NFL TODAY Pre-Game Show Ratings


All Pre-game Telecasts (Regular + Post Season)


  •  For the 20 weeks of the regular + post-season, all telecasts of THE NFL TODAY in 2013-14 averaged a 3.2/8, up +3% compared to the 2012-13 season.  Last season’s 3.2/8 was the highest average rating for CBS pre-game show in the regular and post-season since the 1998-99 season.


  •  THE NFL TODAY averaged 4.9 million viewers for the 2013-14 regular + post season, up +2% compared to 4.8 million in 2012-13. Last season’s 4.9  million tied with 2010-11 as the second  highest number of average viewers for “THE NFL TODAY” in the regular and post-season since  the 1998-99 season.