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Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) To Run Six Consecutive Saturday Nights on CBS in Primetime


Excerpts from SRX Media Call and Driver Lineup Included


The Camping World SRX Series debuts on Saturday, June 12 at 8:00 PM, ET live on the CBS Television Network with broadcast coverage streaming live on Paramount+ Premium. The brand new six-race short-track series opens its season at Stafford (Conn.) Motor Speedway with legendary drivers from a variety of racing disciplines competing in identically-prepared racecars.


Click HERE for a preview of the CBS Sports SRX graphics package and theme music.


Click HERE for the full driver lineup for Saturday’s race, including ringer Greg Biffle and local all-star Doug Coby.


CBS Sports welcomes viewers to SRX with an all-star announce team featuring Lindsay Czarniak (host), Allen Bestwick (play-by-play), Danica Patrick (driver analyst), Brad Daugherty (roaming analyst) and Matt Yocum (pit reporter).


Excerpts from yesterday’s SRX Media Call:


CBS Sports SRX Producer Pam Miller on what viewers can expect to see in the broadcast…

What you're going to see is access like you've never seen before. We're going to be in the cockpits of the cars. We're going to be showing the drivers' personalities behind the wheel and also away from the track. There's going to be some views from the car that people haven't seen before. We have two onboard cameras in every car, and also drone action. We'll be having a drone that will have full access. I think the race fans are going to see personality and also some great racing with some new angles for television they haven't seen.”


SRX Co-Founder and Driver Tony Stewart on SRX putting the personalities of drivers on display…

What's great about SRX is that you have personalities -- you've got Paul Tracy, myself, Willy T. Ribbs. You've got guys like Bill Elliott, Bobby Labonte, Michael Waltrip. I don't know how you get much more in the personality category than that…You'll see the personalities we all have. You think of guys like Rick Mears, you saw his personality. And A.J. Foyt driving IndyCars. You saw Dale Sr. and Rusty Wallace's personalities in stockcar. You see the personalities in their driving styles, and I think that's going to show up really well. With Pam [Miller] at the helm telling the story of us, as well, I think that's going to make it well rounded. So I think that's going to create a lot of excitement this weekend and for the next five weeks.”


SRX Co-Founder Ray Evernham on the selection of Stafford Motor Speedway for the opening race…

What we wanted to do was find historic tracks that have not just a difficulty factor, but really a great following, a great DNA in motorsports. If you look at Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and the open-wheel modified division there, it has sent many people up the ladder to stock car racing, like the Bodines, the Bouchards, Richie Evans, people like that, and then people like the Andrettis and Gordon Johncock, guys that have gone off to Indy.”


CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus on the SRX finale at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway…

From a television standpoint it's the perfect way to end our series. Any time you hear the word "fairgrounds," you think of great, historic and traditional racing, and it's pure Americana. I think this series has a very international flavor in many ways, but it's also really an American product. To be at these historic tracks and to be at the fairgrounds and to be in a city which is as great as Nashville is I think is great. I think it's a dream come true from a television production standpoint, and I think it's going to be just a great way to end the series.”


Stewart on how the SRX cars will hold up…

I haven't been in the car yet. I can't be in the car obviously until race weekend because then it gives me an advantage over the other drivers… but I think with personalities like we have, it's very unrealistic that we're not going to tear some body panels up in the process, and especially when you're on short tracks. You look at the best in the world at any short track in any series, they're tearing cars up. It's very unrealistic, I think, to think that we're going to have 12 cars that the way they start the race is the way they're going to finish the race, but I don't think it's going to be a demolition derby, either…If you're tearing up one of the cars, you might be tearing up a car that you have to drive in the next race or two races from then. It's very feasible that you could hurt yourself in the process.”


Evernham on the uniqueness of having local all-star drivers compete in SRX races…

You talk about grassroots, short-track racing, and those people have a fantasy of getting up to the big leagues, the big game, if you will, the Daytona, the Indianapolis, the things like that. Well, not only are we taking the big show to the fans, we're giving them an opportunity to participate. We're not just taking our superstar drivers there, we're giving their superstar driver, their local driver, a chance to compete.”


Each event will consist of three parts: two-15-minute heat races and a 100-lap feature race (except at Slinger Speedway where the feature is 150 laps), with the heats setting the starting lineup for the feature. Points earned in both heats and the feature will count toward the season-ending championship.


All six Camping World SRX Series races will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network with broadcast coverage streaming live on Paramount+ Premium.


See below for the full SRX race schedule with announcer assignments:



2021 Camping World SRX Series Schedule




June 12

Stafford Motor Speedway

(Stafford Springs, Conn.)

Lindsay Czarniak / Allen Bestwick / Brad Daugherty / Matt Yocum / Danica Patrick

June 19

Knoxville Raceway

(Knoxville, Iowa)

Czarniak / Bestwick / Daugherty / Yocum / Patrick

June 26

Eldora Speedway

(Rossburg, Ohio)

Czarniak / Bestwick / Daugherty / Yocum / James Hinchcliffe

July 3

 Lucas Oil Raceway

(Clermont, Ind.)

Czarniak / Bestwick / Daugherty / Yocum / Dario Franchitti

July 10

Slinger Speedway

(Slinger, Wis.)

Czarniak / Bestwick / Daugherty / Yocum / Franchitti

July 17

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway (Nashville, Tenn.)

Czarniak / Bestwick / Daugherty / Yocum / Hinchcliffe


*Assignments subject to change



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