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“Texas 6” LOGLINES

Episode 201: “False Start”

Directed by: Jared L. Christopher

Season premiere. With Blaze, J.W. and Marco gone, a new Greyhound team looks to avenge last season’s semi-final loss. The players aren’t the only ones missing however, with Head Coach Dewaine Lee tending to his ill father, leaving the sideline duties to assistant coach Jose Cervantes as they prepare for an opening match-up against top-ranked White Deer.


Episode 202: “Cowboy Up”

Directed by: Jared L. Christopher

Seniors Luke Eli and Jade Barrett are potential stars but their attitudes start to rub Coach Lee the wrong way while underclassman Payton Harris’ rodeo toughness translates to the football field, emerging as a leader.


Episode 203: “Rise Above It”

Directed by: Jared L. Christopher

Despite external distractions and temptations persisting, Coach Lee prepares his team for the game against state-ranked Westbrook and 6’7 transfer student Kadin Parsons eagerly awaits a decision on his eligibility to play for the Greyhounds.


Episode 204: “For My Pop”

Directed by: Jared L. Christopher

With the season needing a reset, Jade apologizes to the coaches and team for his part in their failures thus far and Coach Lee dedicates the rest of the season to his ill father.