Harry Michell
Paul McGinnan



Paul McGinnan in “Devils”


Harry Michell stars as Paul McGinnan, the first of the Pirates on Massimo’s (Alessandro Borghi) trusted team, in the series “Devils” on The CW. He is a pugnacious character, Massimo’s right arm, the one who places the trades, a bull on the markets. Despite his experience, he often feels insecure, and he constantly seeks Massimo’s invaluable tips. Prone to parties and one-night stands, his habits will get him in trouble.


Michell’s recent television credits include “The English Game,” written by Julian Fellowes and starring alongside Edward Holcroft and Kevin Guthrie, “Drifters,” and the fourth season of “Plebs.” Last year he appeared alongside Himesh Patel and Lilly James in Danny Boyle’s feature film “Yesterday.” His previous credits include “Chubby Funny,” in which he starred and made his directorial debut, earning him a BIFA nomination for Best Newcomer, and the feature film “Double Date,” co-starring Michael Socha and Dexter Fletcher.

































August 2020