Laia Costa
Sofia Flores



Sofia Flores in “Devils”


Laia Costa stars as Sofia Flores, a strongly independent Argentinean woman with a stubborn idealistic determination to help the lower classes, in the series “Devils” on The CW. Grown up an orphan, Sofia’s brother killed himself after he lost his savings due to the Argentinean bank crisis. Surviving as a street pickpocket, Sofia was found and trained by Duval, becoming an elusive hacker for Subterranea. Sofia seeks vengeance on Dominic (Patrick Dempsey), since the NYL caused her brother’s bank to fail; but as she collaborates with Massimo (Alessandro Borghi), she discovers that Massimo hides something about her past.


Costa starred in the critically acclaimed film “Victoria,” which was almost entirely improvised by the actors.  The 134-minute film was amazingly shot in one single take and was only their third attempt at doing so.  Costa won the LOLA (Germany’s equivalent of the Oscar) for “Best Actress” and was nominated for a European Film Award for “Best European Actress.”  The film was also nominated for Best European Film.  Her performance also garnered her a nomination for the prestigious BAFTA EE Rising Star Award.


Her film credits include Drake Doremus’ romantic drama “Newness” opposite Nicholas Hoult, Miguel Arteta’s “Duck Butter” with Alia Shawkat, “Maine” with Thomas Mann, Nicolas Pesce’s “Piercing” with Christopher Abbott and Dan Fogelman’s “Life Itself” with Antonio Banderas.  Most recently, she starred in the critically acclaimed British independent film “Only You” with Josh O’Connor.


She just completed shooting Isabel Coixet’s “Foodie Love” for HBO Spain in which she is the female lead.












August 2020